Our approach to the client investment needs is based on thorough understanding of the goals and objectives, risk taking ability, analysis of cash flow requirement. The recommendation is based on the asset allocation that is appropriately worked out , the product selection is based on the investment rating models that are proprietary and created using various parameters that are tested over time.

Transaction processing & Facilitation

We assist our clients to carry out the transactions that are necessary for timely completion of the desired investment. The transactions are processed and tracked to closely by our support service people. We have registered with the Registrar & Transfer agents like CAMS, KARVY for online tracking of Mutual funds, for efficient monitoring of any given transaction.

We have also registered with ICICI Prudential Insurance Company, for tracking the insurance policies. We have online trading terminal for real-time equity trading. All the registered clients can do buy & sell transactions through the facility.

Comprehensive Portfolio Statement

To enable our customers to know the performance at any given time, we provide a comprehensive statement of the investments. The investments are tracked, updated and valued on daily basis using online wealth management platform . Our customers can also avail direct access to their portfolios by using the login facility provided to them.

Tax Planning & filing

The efficiency of the portfolio returns also depends on Taxes on investment - a crucial component of investment management. We consider the impact of taxes on all the investment recommendations that are proposed and try to optimise the post tax returns by adopting appropriate investment strategies to minimise the tax. We also provide the year end income and capital gains statements that are required for computing and filing tax return. We have tied up with reputed chartered accountants for filing the income tax returns. We also help our clients in computing and filing of income tax returns.